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Luxury Biscuit, Traybake and Cake Hampers by Post. Free delivery on orders over £50!
Luxury Biscuit & Cake Hampers by Post.


If you're not yet a wholesale customer and would like to become a stockist, please give us a call on 01772 724 888 or email:

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Eccles Cakes & Loaf Cakes



Traybake Slices


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Existing customers:
To place your wholesale order, please complete the form in full. To move down the fields, press the TAB button on your keyboard or click on the next field - don't press the enter as this will submit the form! When you've finished, click on SUBMIT ORDER.

All orders must be submitted on a Monday for delivery the same week.

For our stockists in the North West, your order will be delivered directly by a Williams driver. For those stockists further afield we use 24 hour couriers.

Couriered Orders only:
When placing your order for courier delivery, please note the full box quantities below. Whilst the final quantities of each product-type ordered must equal full box quantities, you are free to mix flavours to a maximum of 3 flavours per box. For instance, you could order 15 Oat biscuits (1 box), or you could order 5 Oat, 5, Ginger and 5 Shortbread (also 1 box). This is to ensure your total order contains no part-filled boxes.

Biscuits: 15 per box (max 3 varieties)

Eccles Cakes: 15 per box

Traybakes: 24 per box (max. 3 varieties)

Parkin: 10 per box

Cakes: 12 per box (max 3 varieties)

If you have any questions, please email or call us on 01772 724 888.